The Outer Worlds: 10 Things To Know Before Starting

The Outer Worlds twists and turns, sometimes causing difficulties for its players. The plot develops side by side with its gameplay, and for beginner players, making the wrong choices can be detrimental to progression. You may find yourself in a pit of sorrows if you don't play your cards right.

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The Outer Worlds can be compared to games like Mass Effect, BioShock Infinite, and No Man's Sky. Obsidian Entertainment has proven time and time again that they are a top-tier video game developer. Their latest addition, The Outer Worlds, is a masterpiece. If you're just beginning the game, know that it can be confusing for people new to the role-playing genre. These are 10 things to know before starting The Outer Worlds.

10 Graphics Aren't Everything

History shows that graphics aren't the deciding factor for a game's enjoyability. Graphics may even be the least important when it comes to the enjoyability of a game. World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Runescape, and Mount and Blade Warband are examples of games with mediocre graphics but amazing gameplay.

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The Outer Worlds doesn't have terrible graphics, but graphics aren't its strong suit. Keep in mind that you'll enjoy The Outer Worlds for its intriguing player-driven narrative and less for its visuals.

9 Your Actions Can Have Dire Consequences

Without trying to spoil the game, it's worth noting that your actions can influence events in The Outer Worlds. Choose your words carefully and keep your weapon lowered in public areas.

Of course, skilled players can choose to shoot every innocent person to make the game more of a challenge. Some players will find themselves stuck in the game because they angered all the NPCs and can't progress. To put it simply, your actions can have dire consequences.

8 Spend Your Skill Points Wisely

You only get 10 points every time you level, so it would make sense to spend your points wisely. The game seems to be difficult for some people and not so much for others. This is because the way you allocate points can have a profound impact on the game.

You may want to, for example, spend points on either Melee or Ranged instead of a combination of both. With your character specialized, they will be more effective in battle.

7 Talk To People If You're Stuck On A Quest

A bunch of people will get stuck in the game because the quest system of The Outer Worlds isn't linear. There are often multiple ways to complete quests because there are rival factions and the game presents you with choices.

Another common way to get stuck in The Outer Worlds is by not seeing an elevator button when the quest marker didn't identify it. If you ever find yourself in a jam, talk to different people because they might point you in the right direction.

6 Spend Points In Hacking And Lockpicking Early On

One of the most beneficial things you can do to make the game more manageable is to spend points on hacking and lockpicking early on. For the first fifty levels, spending skill points in Stealth will contribute points to Sneak, Hack, and Lockpick.

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Since you'll also want the Sneak skill, it makes sense to spend a lot of points in Stealth. Lockpicking will give you access to locked storage, such as containers and lockers. There you can find weapons, credits, gear, and other items that will aid you in the early game.

5 Choose Your Words Carefully

Surprisingly, one of the most advantageous things you can do in The Outer Worlds is to choose your words carefully. Words can sway NPCs to work in your favor and start fights. Hopefully, your choice isn't to do the latter.

Choosing the wrong words can get you in a jam where all the guards of a town attack you. In The Outer Worlds, the words you select have more power than you could imagine. Mind your tongue; to put it bluntly (see photo above).

4 Spend A Bunch Of Points On Companion Stats

An overlooked skill in The Outer Worlds can increase the damage of your party by a tenfold. We are referring to Leaderships skills. Companions are there to do more than make your posse look intimidating.

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If you allocate your skill points correctly, your companions can do more damage than you can. You can coast through the game without shooting a single weapon. As previously mentioned, it makes sense to specialize your character in either Melee or Ranged.

3 Vending Machines Sell More Than Chocolate Bars

Those antiquated machines called "Vendors" do more than sell candy for a bargain. Adreno is what your character needs to create more medkits, and it can be found inside Vending Machines.

Vending Machines also sell various consumables that will aid you in combat. It is a source of ammo, and since ammo has no weight, you may as well load up while at one. Finding Vending Machines in The Outer Worlds gives you experience points and is an invaluable source of items.

2 You Can Respec Your Character On The Unreliable

To find the machine that will respecify your character, you must first enter The Unreliable (your spaceship). Take your first left and head straight until you see a ladder to your right. Climb up the ladder, then take a left.

Follow the catwalk until you reach a machine. This machine will let you respec your character for the price of 500 credits. If you're someone who finds the game challenging, you'll benefit from using the Vocational Competence Respecification Machine. Everyone makes mistakes—that's why pencils have erasers.

1 Start The Game With An Open Mind

The Outer Worlds is a different game that, at the same time, is somewhat familiar. Those who go in with a closed mind toward the genre aren't going to like the game.

The graphics can deter players from loving The Outer Worlds. If you go in with high expectations, there's a chance you might not like The Outer Worlds. Players who go in with an open mind might find themselves pleasantly surprised. Having an open mind is difficult in practice, but is highly rewarding.

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