The Outer Worlds Gameplay Footage Debuts

The Outer Worlds Gameplay

Last night at The Game Awards, Obsidian and Private Division excited sci-fi fans around the globe by announcing The Outer Worlds. The retro-futuristic title seems like a spiritual successor to Fallout: New Vegas, with The Outer Worlds featuring heavy RPG elements mixed with absurdist humor and a retro-futuristic setting. Last night's trailer showed promise, but now fans have a brand new 15-minute gameplay demo that offers a much deeper diver into Halcyon, the solar system of the outer worlds.

One of the most apparent things in the video is the unique Obsidian brand of humor, which is most apparent in the dialogue options. Gamers who enjoyed the 'classic' Fallout dialogue trees will be in for a treat, with branching paths like intimidation checks, 'dumb' responses, and bluffs making an appearance. The Outer Worlds looks to be chock full of conversation choices, which was one of the few sticking points from more recent Fallout games.

In keeping with the mantra that players control how they approach each situation, there are many moments in the game where players can sneak past enemies to avoid a direct confrontation. When fights do occur, the first-person shooter mechanics look similar to those of New Vegas. In fact, a VATS-like slow motion game mechanic called 'tactical time dilation' can help players deliver extra damage. With a full solar system of different environments to explore, The Outer Worlds has the potential to feature a pretty diverse range of enemies - though only a select few are shown in the above video.

The game also has a unique fear mechanic that is automatically curated for each individual player. At various points throughout the game, The Outer Worlds will prompt players to pick a fear based on bad things that happened to them. If they choose to do so, they'll take extra damage from these fears - but to balance things out, they'll get a buff to something else. This risk-versus-reward system will force players to make surprisingly hard choices, though the mechanic is completely optional.

Obsidian The Outer Worlds dialogue screenshot

Much like Mass Effect, players can staff their spaceship with a crew of warriors from all across the solar system. These characters have their own unique buffs and weaknesses, and each of them will feature personal side quests that the player can complete. Since The Outer Worlds lets players make their own decisions, however, they'll have to be careful not to anger their shipmates: if they don't like what the player has been doing, they can leave the crew. Some people may not like working with a paragon a virtue, while others won't want to work with someone they deem a psychopath. None of them, it turns out, are romantically inclined: Obsidian has nixed the idea of romance options early on.

It looks like The Outer Worlds is a fantastical mix of Fallout and Mass Effect, both of which are franchises whose latest entries left gamers wanting more. The stage is certainly well-set for The Outer Worlds to come in and stake its claim to RPG glory, but only time will tell if the game will make it to such an exclusive inner circle.

The Outer Worlds is slated to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2019.

Source: Game Informer

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