Outer Wilds Reveals PS4 Release Date

outer wilds ps4 release date

Up to this point, Mobius Digital's critically acclaimed adventure game Outer Wilds has only been available to PC and Xbox One owners. However, that is all about to change, as it has recently been revealed that Outer Wilds is headed to PlayStation 4, and its PS4 release date is right around the corner.

Specifically, players can look forward to playing Outer Wilds on PS4 next Tuesday, October 15. While some fans may currently be occupied with the myriad of AAA games that have already been released this fall, including Borderlands 3, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, and more, many PS4 owners that are interested in playing something slightly more "indie" are certain to be excited to hear that Outer Wilds will be available to them very soon.

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For the uninitiated, Outer Wilds is a game centered around exploration, where players are free to openly navigate through a handcrafted solar system filled with mysteries. That said, exploring the worlds of Outer Wilds is no walk in the park, as dangers lurk around every corner and fans have just 22 minutes to spend before the solar system's sun goes supernova. This is establishes the core of Outer Wilds' gameplay loop, with players continually repeating these 22 minutes and learning more about the universe of the game, and how to effect it, each playthrough.

Indeed, some aspects of Outer Wilds are sure to remind players of 2016's No Man's Sky, which recently received a major update by way of No Man's Sky Beyond, but this game certainly offers its own unique experience. The announcement of the Outer Wilds PS4 release date means that even more players will get to enjoy this experience for themselves, and they will be able to do exactly that in only a week's time.

Until this Outer Wilds PlayStation 4 release date comes, though, players can occupy themselves by learning about the Outer Wilds planets, moons, and space stations. However, as previously mentioned, Outer Wilds is filled with mysteries to uncover, and doing so is exactly what some players will love about the game. As such, it may be advisable for fans to come to Outer Wilds with as little information as possible when it releases on PS4 next week.

Outer Wilds is available now on PC and Xbox One, and will release on PS4 on October 15.

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