Outer Wilds Planet Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Outer Wilds Planet Guide map

Wandering around the solar system can be daunting (much like flying around No Man's Sky). For some Outer Wilds players, aimless exploration is part of the fun. For other players who want to solve the mystery and keep things moving forward, the game’s hints are not always clear-cut. Here is a list of the initially available locations and the key points to hit on each one.

This list covers the locations available at the start of the game. There are a few places that are reachable as you unlock clues and progress through the game (like the Quantum Moon), but starting off, here are the planets, major locations on each of them, and generally where those things are. We are using the term “planet” here, but not all locations are technically planets.

Note – In order to avoid major Outer Wilds spoilers, Game Rant is not saying what to do at each of these locations, and many of these locations contain new destinations and points of interest. Some players just want to get there and figure it out. Use this as more of a checklist of the spots to see.

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Timber Hearth

This is the player's starting location. Explore this planet, roast your first marshmallows, and do the tutorials to get started. Get the launch codes before you can do any other exploring.

Youngbark Crater

At the North Pole of Timber Hearth is a large crater. There you’ll meet Tektite and check out a bramble seed.

Nomai Mines

At the equator line of Timber Hearth is a ruin with a yellow symbol. To the east is a path to a valley with a broken bridge. Pass through the waterfall on the other side of the bridge and head into the caves.

Quantum Grove

Find this grove at the South Pole. Check out a message here as well as a large rock with mysterious properties.


Eye Signal Locator

Find this locator at the South Pole. Also at the South Pole are stairs leading to a room with trees and Nomai messages.


Visit Esker near the North Pole – you’ll see the smoke from his campfire.

Observation Deck

Also at the north pole are some platforms that were used as observation decks. There’s not much to see here, but it’s a good spot to use your Signalscope to listen for signals around the solar system.

Brittle Hollow

Black Hole

Most notably on Brittle Hollow is the black hole in the center of the planet. One misstep and you’ll get sucked into the black hole and shot out into space.

Tower of Quantum Knowledge

Circle the equator from your ship to find the Tower just south of the equator. This guide does not discuss how to enter the Tower (it’s a whole thing), but it’s a good landing pad for further exploration.


You’ll find Riebeck’s camp underground. Land near the Tower of Quantum Knowledge and take the stairs down. Riebeck is a few gravity beams away. Use the Signalscope to pinpoint his location.

Northern Glacier

This glacier near the North Pole has some Nomai text to translate.

Escape Pod 1

Use your Signalscope near the equator to point you in the right direction. Be sure to exit the ship through the escape hatch and follow the path down to the Old Settlement and Hanging City. Those are whole things are not part of this guide.

Southern Observatory

You’ll find the Southern Observatory near the tower of quantum knowledge. Take the stairs down and then navigate through the gravity tunnels to a path starting with ice, then a wooded room, then a gravity tunnel up into the observatory.

Giant’s Deep

Cave of Statues

This is in the island next to the plateau with the S-shaped orange glowing track, which is easy to spot from the air. Land in the gravity beam so the ship will be held down when tornadoes pass through. Make your way around the lower rim of the island to an underpass where you can propel yourself across a broken path to the cave opening.

Tower of Quantum Trials

This tower is inside the North Pole tornado, also the largest one. Again, land on the gravity beam to keep the ship in place.

Giant’s Deep Core

Fly into a tornado spinning counterclockwise to be sent down into the deep. However, there’s an obstacle in the way that you’ll have to learn about on the Dark Bramble.

Ember Twin


You can find Chert on the North Pole. Look for the smoke from the campfire.

The Caves

The caves are located across the chasm from each other, just south of Chert’s camp. The cave openings are marked with white pillars.

Lakebed Cave

Hop into the canyon south of Chert’s camp and keep going down, down, down. Use the scout for light. This is very dangerous as the planet fills up with sand, so be quick.

The Sunless City

Head for the escape pod with the beam of light shining into the sky. Enter the ship and head out the escape hatch. Follow the path and each set of instructions that is given to you along the way. (It’s complicated, so write it down.) There are a few big secrets in here, so definitely make the time to visit. Within the Sunless City, find the Anglerfish fossil, the High Energy Lab, among other major things.

Ash Twin

Ash Twin Towers

Land on the North Pole. As the sand transfers to the Ember Twin, the Ash Twin structures become visible. The towers have much to explore.

Ash Twin Project

The Ash Twin Project located within the Ash Twin core. It is very tricky to get to, but start out at the Ash Twin Towers.


Frozen Nomai shuttle

You can’t get inside the shuttle from the Interloper, but you can inspect the outside and learn some cool stuff.

The Ruptured Core

On the surface, you’ll see a large system of cracks. Wait on these ice cracks until the Interloper passes close to the sun. The ice will melt, and then you can drop into a series of ice tunnels to the Ruptured Core. Take the ice slip and slide of ice to get to the Ruptured Core, watching out for ghost matter along the way.

Pro-tip: Send the scout down first and take pictures to see how to navigate through.

Dark Bramble

Note: The Dark Bramble may feel like major spoiler territory...


Feldspar’s camp can be found by following the signal – watch out for the anglerfish… They're terrifying.


Heading back out from Feldspar’s camp, follow the blinking light to the jellyfish.

Escape Pod 3

Find the escape pod by following the distress signal on the Signalscope once entering Dark Bramble.

The Vessel

Follow the light trail from Escape Pod 3 to the Bramble Seed, launch the scout and follow it.

There are many other hidden locations and destinations around the solar system for players to eventually uncover, but these are the main bodies to visit as your journey begins. Be sure to check back soon for more Outer Wilds strategy guides, news, and updates. Until then, don't forget to roast a marshmallow for good luck, traveler!

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Outer Wilds is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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