Microsoft launched the Xbox One in 2013, hoping to build upon the Xbox 360’s success with a console better designed for multiplayer gaming and digital purchases. Then, in 2016, Microsoft introduced the Xbox One S as a slimmed down version that offered support for HDR gaming as well as 4K Blu-Ray.

With the Xbox One S offering a better package (at a slightly higher price), Microsoft has now discontinued the original model of the system. Microsoft’s US store no longer sells the Xbox One, while the Microsoft UK store lists the console as “out of stock.” The company is still selling refurbished versions of the original Xbox One (both 500GB and 1TB models) on its US store for $199, but it’s unclear how long stock of the console will last.

By discontinuing the original Xbox One, it means that would-be Xbox One players will have to choose between the Xbox One S or the upcoming Xbox One X. Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition pre-orders have now gone live with Microsoft confirming that the console is the fastest selling system in Xbox history. Microsoft may have seen this response to the Xbox One X and, realizing that people are very much interested in paying a premium for a higher powered console, felt that time was up on the original Xbox One.

Xbox One X Pre-Orders Fastest Selling

While some have said that they plan to pick up an original Xbox One in-store for the sake of preserving history, most Xbox fans don’t seem to be phased by the announcement. In fact, many have said that they are surprised that Microsoft has been selling the original Xbox One up until this point, as the Xbox One S has been so prominent. It was also thanks to the Xbox One S that Microsoft managed to outsell its rival console, the Sony PS4, which was something that the Xbox One typically struggled to do without significant discounts.

With Microsoft now able to promise higher quality gaming experiences with the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X, the company will now need to keep proving it. The company has delayed or cancelled several of its biggest titles (including pushing Crackdown 3 to 2018), but Microsoft will need to get back on track with its high profile game releases. Offering improved hardware is a start, but it means very little to consumers if they don’t have enough ways to take advantage of the horsepower.

The Xbox One X will be released on November 7, 2017.

Source: Microsoft Store US, Microsoft Store UK, Console Deals