Months after the feature was announced at E3 2017, original Xbox backward compatibility is finally rolling out to Xbox One owners all over the world. Original Xbox backward compatibility allows players to revisit some of their favorite titles with enhancements, including sharper visuals and shorter load times. Many Xbox One owners have been wondering if these enhancements include the addition of achievements, but the answer is no.

Unfortunately, not a single one of the 13 original Xbox games added to the backward compatibility program on October 24th support achievements. Some may have held out hope that achievements would be retroactively added to original Xbox titles, especially since Sony has given PS2 games trophies when played on PS4, but that’s simply not the case here.

While some fans may be disappointed that original Xbox games lack achievements, the service does enjoy some perks that PS4 owners miss out on. For example, original Xbox games support system link multiplayer between all the different Xbox branded consoles, meaning someone can use an original Xbox to play a multiplayer game with someone playing on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Another big bonus is the ability to use original Xbox discs, meaning players aren’t being forced to re-purchase something they may already own.

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However, even though original Xbox games don’t have achievements right now, it’s possible that the feature could be added in the future if there’s enough demand. After all, Microsoft popularized achievements in video games during the Xbox 360 era, and the feature has become synonymous with the Xbox brand. Furthermore, adding achievements could create a larger sense of unity between the three different generations of Xbox consoles, not to mention create added value for original Xbox titles when playing on Xbox One.

So while it’s possible that original Xbox games will get achievements as part of a future update, fans shouldn’t hold their breath. In the meantime, they can check out the 13 original Xbox titles that have been added to the service as part of the first wave of releases, many of which still hold up to this day with or without achievements.

Original Xbox backward compatibility is available on Xbox One now.