One Unreal Engine 4 user decides to test out their game design abilities in a rather unique way, taking the time to recreate the first level of the original Doom in the engine.

Doom may be the greatest pioneer of the first-person shooter genre, but that doesn’t mean that the seminal title has been forgotten about by modern gamers. The franchise is set to receive a fourth iteration this year, with the Bethesda-published DOOM expected to hit stores on May 13. Meanwhile, the original game itself continues to be an influence, with one fan even deciding to recreate the first level of Doom in Unreal Engine 4.

The user in question, who goes by the name of captain_slow48 on the Unreal Engine forums, decided that the classic first stage of the FPS was a useful example on which to test out their Unreal Engine abilities. Cutting their teeth on the level, the user aimed to “be as faithful to the original aesthetic as possible” when recreating the Doom stage. As it turns out, captain_slow48 has done a tremendous job of recreating the feel of the original game.

Although there’s a whole lot of difference between how the game looked 23 years ago upon its release and this new fan-built iteration, there are also a surprising number of similarities. The Unreal Engine user manages to combine the gloom of the game with the equally varied color palette, whilst some of the scenery is strikingly close to the original. Gamers interested in seeing the user’s work in the Unreal Engine can do so by heading over to captain_slow48’s Unreal Engine forum post.

Doom Unreal Engine

The first level of Doom is certainly an understandable choice for a budding developer to try their hand at recreating. After all, not only is the stage one of the most memorable levels in gaming history, but it’s also a great example of strong game design. Doom in general changed the dynamic of game development, and even the makers of the fourth game in the franchise have suggested that the series is going to return to the difficult maze-like levels of the first game.

It’s not the only way in which id Software and Bethesda have been trying to get the magic back into the Doom series. As well as promoting the title’s fast-paced single player campaign, the developer and publisher have also been working on ways to make the multiplayer stand out from the crowd, including the introduction of a revamped King of the Hill mode. With only a few months until release, fans won’t have long to wait until the final product is seen.

As well as the release of DOOM, however, some fans of the franchise may get a little extra something – as long as they pre-order the game. Those who are planning to pre-order DOOM on Xbox One will also receive copies of the first two Doom games for free, which are playable through the console’s backward compatibility. Perhaps then, a head-by-head will be able to show exactly how well the most recent title compares to the classics.

DOOM will be released on May 13 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

Source: Unreal Engine forums