Crysis Coming to PSN and XBLA with New Powers; First Trailer Revealed

The original Crysis is still the benchmark title gamers point to when they try to explain the technical prowess of a fully equipped PC rig. Of course, when the sequel, Crysis 2, went multi-platform the PC community was up in arms, claiming that the move to consoles would diminish the PC version (and arguably so, considering the title did not launch with DX11 support).

But now that the original Crysis has release date for the PS3 and Xbox 360, it seems PC enthusiasts might have one less title to show off.

Earlier this year rumors started to spread that Crysis would be coming to consoles, a rumor, as with all rumors in the video game industry, has now been confirmed. Crytek calls the PSN/XBLA release of Crysis a remake of the original, and rightly so. The game features new Nanosuit powers seen in Crysis 2, as well as an all new lighting system.

In addition, considering the title will be a downloadable release, Crytek must have done some amazing optimization and compression work to get it on the HD consoles.

Interested to see what the fabled Crysis looks like on consoles? Check out the trailer below:


While all footage from the above trailer is from the Xbox 360 version of the game, chances are PS3 gamers will have nothing to worry about. Crysis 2 still looked beautiful on the PS3, and with multi-platform titles becoming increasingly similar looking, it would be financial suicide for Crytek to release a poorly ported version to the PS3.

As for PC gamers concerned that the console versions may disprove the stories of Crysis requiring an up to date rig, the footage above makes it obvious that the console versions won’t have the same graphical fidelity of the PC original. The game still looks amazing on consoles, but the PC version still has a strong lead in the graphics department. In any case, PC gamers still have Battlefield 3 and Metro: Last Light to look forward to when showing off PC superiority.

Will you be picking up the original Crysis when it lands on consoles?

Crysis is slated to hit the PSN and XBLA this October for $19.99 or 1600 MSP.

Source: Gametrailers

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