After enjoying moderate success on the consoles with Crysis 2, it looks like Crytek might be going back to the beginning by bringing the first Crysis to the Xbox 360. According to a South Korean ratings board fact sheet, Crysis has just been approved for the console with a release date to be announced later.

[Update: ESRB has classified Crysis on Xbox 360 and PS3]

Obviously, this seems like a strange move — bringing Crysis to a console after Crysis 2 — but perhaps a better understanding of the platform’s hardware has made the port fairly simple. Or maybe Crytek is continually working out the kinks of bringing their PC-pushing titles to home consoles in preparation for Far Cry 3 or even the next Timesplitters. Who knows?

What we do know is that, at the very least, Crysis is headed to the Xbox 360 (maybe globally or maybe just to South Korea) and it’s well worth checking out if you have the chance. As one of the first Crytek titles to really show that the developer can put your maxed out PC through the ringer, Crysis on the console should look pretty impressive.

Gamers might balk at the idea of picking up the game, especially if they have already experienced the events of the second game, but a we recommend giving it a look no matter how familiar you are with the series.

For some, Crysis was actually the weaker of the two titles, but, for others, it really showed the type of experience Crytek was capable of delivering. It’s free form approach to skirmishes was fresh, but the game’s science fiction plot points kept it from being a solid companion to Far Cry.

Of course, we also don’t know whether or not Crytek is even responsible for this port considering they have turned the majority of their focus towards Far Cry 3. A lot of things are up in the air, so keep tuned to Game Rant for more information about Crysis on the Xbox 360.

Would you be interested in checking out the first Crysis on the Xbox 360? Or is it a bit late since Crysis 2 has already released?

Source: Kotaku