How many Black Friday sales will actually start on Black Friday this year? You can chalk this one as another early riser as today marks the beginning of Origin’s Black Friday PC game sales event. Over at Origin store, hundreds of PC games and DLCs are on sale at up to 75% off. Most titles activate on Origin, but you for those unfamiliar with the storefront, there are actually some Steam activated games such as  Hitman: Absolution and Dead Island GOTY Edition. Check here for a full price comparison list and below for our top picks from Origin’s Black Friday sales.

Top Origin Black Friday Deals

Probably the hottest deal in their sale is Dragon Age: Inquisition. Slashing 2014’s RPG of the year down to fifteen bucks, making it a new historic low price in North America by $5 (review of the game can be found here). Given its the most successful title for EA in 2014, its no wonder Origin is listing it as the sale’s top biller.

Another good discount is Battlefield Hardline cut down to only $11.99. The March 2015 released shooter wasn’t exactly a stunning success (review here) but regardless this is a new low by $8 and arguably a better deal than the Dragon Age: Inquisition headliner. At 80% off, its a big percentage drop for a Triple-A title released this year.


The deals are set to run through November 30th, at 9pm Pacific. Origin hasn’t indicated they will be launching any new offers come Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but they always leave room for a surprise or two on Friday and Monday. If you want us to put on our prediction hat, we think chances are high there will be another surprise “doorbuster” deal on an EA title such as Battlefield 4 come Friday.  Lastly, for those wondering if Star Wars: Battlefront will get a price discount on Origin Store… we think you probably shouldn’t hold your breath as its unlikely to happen.

If you spot a worthwhile title among the hundreds in Origin’s Black Friday sale warranting a listing above, let us know in the comments and we’ll toss it up.