EA’s press conference marks the start of the E3 2018 festivities, and during the press conference, EA announced Origin Access Premier, a new subscription service that will give players access to over 100 PC games, and first access to EA’s new releases on PC. The subscription service is set to launch later this summer.

The subscription service was announced as part of EA’s panel, and will give players access to new releases, like Battlefield V and Anthem. Players will also be able to access the EA Vault, containing over 100 games. Pricing for Origin Access Premier is $14.99 per month, or $99.99 for a full year. It appears to be a similar system to how the Xbox Games Pass works for Xbox owners.

Origin Access Premier is an upgrade to the currently-existing Origin Access membership. Current Origin Access memberships will turn into Origin Access Basic memberships. Origin Access Basic still gives players the chance to try out new games for up to ten hours, five days before release. However, Origin Access Premier allows players to have full access to new games, starting five days before release, with no limited-time trials. Both plans come with Vault Access and the 10% discount on full games in the Origin Store.

EA’s press conference showed off several of the games that will be available with an Origin Access Premier membership, like Anthem, which launches in February. Madden 19, FIFA 19, and Battlefield V also headline the Origin Access Premier lineup.

EA also hinted at a larger project for the subscription service that would allow players to stream games in HD to phones and other devices. Perhaps EA fans will be able to take their favorite games, like the upcoming FIFA 19, with them on-the-go in the near future. Not much else was said about the feature, but fans can expect to hear more about it, and about Origin Access Premier over the coming weeks.

Origin Access Premiere is scheduled to launch Summer 2018.

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