'The Order: 1886' Trailer Introduces Weapons Master Nikola Tesla

The Order Trailer Nikola Tesla


The Order: 1886 imagines an alternate history where science and technology advanced much further than did in our current time. In some cases, those advancements were made out of necessity, while in others they were a byproduct of man's thirst for power. The Order seeks to balance that power.

Tasked with helping the mythical group of knights in that endeavor is Nikola Tesla, a genuine historical figure who has been re-imagined for the world of The Order: 1886. Although the game retains some of Tesla's original story — he moved to the US in 1884 to begin his influential work, but then was brought back to Europe — it eventually merges fact with fiction in some pretty important ways.

Essentially, as the new trailer for The Order reveals, Tesla serves as the weapons manufacturer for the immortal group. He is responsible for creating some of the more unique weapons seen in the game thus far, like the Thermite Rifle and the Arc Gun.

However, although Tesla's story might cross with The Order's, that doesn't mean he necessarily believes in their mission or his own work. In fact, the trailer strongly implies that Tesla fears his work might one day be used for evil. We shall see.

The Order Trailer Nikola Tesla

In addition to introducing Tesla, this new trailer also features some closer looks at The Order: 1886's gameplay in action. The footage darts around to new environments and even features our hero, Galahad, in several different outfits.

That being said, we're still only seeing the game in fits and spurts. But even then it's pretty clear Ready at Dawn's PS4-exclusive is gorgeous. More impressive than that, though, is the way the game seamlessly transitions from cutscene to gameplay — a feature only capable thanks to a new generation of consoles.

Although the delay into 2015 might have deflated early PS4 adopters, there's no denying The Order: 1886 is a potential must-play for Sony's new system. The unique blend of human and half-breed enemies, along with a deeply macabre story, put The Order in a unique and risky space as a new IP. Still, what we've seen of the game (read our E3 2014 preview) suggests this game could be something special, if a bit linear.

How do you feel about The Order blending history with fiction by including Nikola Tesla? What type of weapons would you like to see the famed scientist create?

The Order: 1886 releases February 20, 2015 for PS4.


Source: PlayStation Blog

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