Capcom Reveals 'Operation Raccoon City' Trailer, Images, & Pre-Order Bonuses

Okay so maybe you're a little wary of Operation Raccoon City, Capcom's latest foray into the Resident Evil franchise. A multiplayer focused Resident Evil developed by Slant Six, a Western developer known for its PSP exclusive SOCOM games?

Yea, that hardly sounds like past Resident Evil titles. But fret not, if you're still on the fence Capcom has released a new trailer and plenty of screenshots to get the hype juices flowing.

The latest trailer for Operation Raccoon City puts less of an emphasis on gameplay, and more onto the game's story. Players take the role of one of six Umbrella Agents, tasked with wiping out any evidence connecting Umbrella Corp to the events that happened in Raccoon City - the game will feature appearances from characters in many of the previous titles, who also show their faces several times throughout this trailer.

Capcom has also released more than a handful of new screenshots, featuring plenty of enemies for players to fill with bullets.

Check out the new trailer and screen shots below!


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For fans interested in Operation Raccoon City, Capcom still has much more to share. Following news of Operation Raccoon City's release date, Capcom has also unveiled the pre-order bonuses players can receive when they pre purchase the title at select retailers. Those who pre-order at GameStop will pick up the Anti Material Rifle and Combat Shotgun. Best Buy is offering a Combat SMG and Preforator, while Amazon has a Machine Pistol and Cowboy Shotgun. The three retailers will also give gamers access to an alternate costume pack for the six playable characters in the game - and those who opt for the Collector's Edition will get all of the bonus weapons included.

Operation Raccoon City is without a doubt a huge departure from the classic Resident Evil formula. The game was developed by Slant Six, unfortunately known for SOCOM: Confrontation (regarded by many as a huge disappointment), which probably doesn't help Capcom's position in trying to reassure fans, especially those who were disappointed with Resident Evil 5. However, the game does look like it could be really fun. Plus, it's not traditional Resident Evil, and isn't a numbered Resident Evil game, so it's allowed to make changes and experiment more. Hopefully Slant Six and Capcom will be able to craft something truly fun for early next year.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City releases March 20th, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Capcom has yet to announce a release date for the PC version.


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Source: Capcom Unity

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