When the first live-action Call of Duty fan film, Find Makarov, was released many were confused as to where its intention rested. Some thought this might be the start of a Call of Duty film campaign while others thought it might be some viral marketing for Black Ops.

On the other hand with Operation Kingfish, the follow-up to Find Makarov, fans knew exactly what they were getting, and were very excited for its debut during Call of Duty XP. Not only that, but the filmmakers sat down to share some of what went into making both of these shorts, and what they see for their future.

While Find Makarov followed the events of Modern Warfare 2 pretty closely, Operation Kingfish serves as a bridge between the storylines of the first two Modern Warfares. Telling the story of Captain Price being captured, and Soap’s desire to rescue him, Operation Kingfish continues production team We Can Pretend’s dedication to creating an authentic Call of Duty film experience.

There are a lot of clever little moments contained within Operation Kingfish, like how Soap ends up with his scar, and a badass AC-130 sequence. If you are a fan of Call of Duty, and you didn’t get a chance to make it out to LA for COP XP, here’s Operation Kingfish for your viewing pleasure:


During the making-of panel with director Jeff Chan and Co., the skilled director talked a little bit about his inspirations for the pieces (he’s a huge fan of Modern Warfare) and where he would like to go next. Chan did say that he would like to continue to put out content for Activision and this franchise, but for now he and his team are focused on a well-deserved vacation. After working non-stop to make this release date, and after the tremendous fanfare they received during the event’s keynote, I would say it is well deserved.

What do you think of the second Call of Duty fan film, Operation Kingfish? Would you like to see more films from this production team?

Source: YouTube