Open Discussion – February 24, 2015

By | 2 years ago 

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for another Game Rant Open Discussion – a place for all of us to discuss the biggest and most memorable happenings in video games this past week.

The top item from this past week would definitely be The Order: 1886 release. Unfortunately for many PlayStation 4 gamers, the highly anticipated game was met with less-than-stellar reviews from both critics and players. Our team here at Game Rant gave the game a 3.5 out of 5 – so while it’s not bad, we recommend waiting till the price goes down a little before purchasing.

Our next item comes from the land of celebrities: everyone’s favorite controversial rapper, Kanye West, is throwing his hat into the video game ring – shortly after his wife, Kim Kardashian, found great success in the space. However, unlike Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Kanye’s game looks to have a heavy subject matter. The rapper is looking to create a game based on his his song, “Only One”, which reflects on his daughter and late mother. We’re very interested to see how this one turns out.

We were reminded this week about how cruel some people can be to others, especially online. An 11-year-old Destiny player handed over control of his PlayStation 4 to another player who promised to show him how to quickly level up his character. However, that hope was quickly dashed when the controller deleted two of the boy’s characters – immediately destroying dozens of hours of work. The lesson was a hard one for the young man, but one that we’re sure many took to heart after learning of the unfortunate event.

Destiny Sword Carry - Hunter

It was a busy week for Mortal Kombat X fans, who learned of potential new characters coming to the game, including Spawn and Predator. While these two characters have not been confirmed, we have strong hopes that they’ll be included in the upcoming fighter game, even if it’s only as DLC additions.

Finally, as a team we shared our top 10 choices for franchises we would like to see adapted to games by Telltale Games. The developer has become a powerhouse studio after the massive success of its Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Wolf Among Us game adaptations. Some of the franchises we chose were Blade Runner, Breaking Bad and Ghostbusters. At the rate Telltale is going, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the developer make them all.

Those are just a handful of the hottest topics from this last week. Now’s your chance to share and discuss what you found most interesting or controversial the last few days. We ask that you be respectful and courteous. Enjoy the conversation!