Open Discussion – February 17, 2015

By | 2 years ago 

We are excited to announce the return of our weekly Open Discussion posts. Each Tuesday, we’ll start the discussion by highlighting a few of the biggest and most controversial news items of the past week and then turn it to you to talk about the games, news items and topics that most interest you.

While no major games were released this week, we were privileged to get a few teased items. One of the biggest news items from the week was Bethesda’s announcement that they would be holding an E3 press conference – the first for the Elder Scrolls developer. While there are quite a few games Bethesda could announce, including Prey 2, Elder Scrolls VI or Dishonored 2, it’s safe to say most gamers are hoping for the developer to announce Fallout 4. Whatever they’re planning, we image it will be big for their first E3 appearance.

Next up is the confirmation of a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game, coming later this year. This newest addition to the Pro Skater series comes a whopping 13 years after the last Pro Skater game, not counting the HD remake in 2012. There have been a handful of Tony Hawk games released in that time, though only a couple have seen major success. Developer Robomodo – the developer behind the Pro Skater HD release – will be taking over for the new defunct Neversoft in developing the newest Pro Skater game.

PS4 Outselling Xbox One

Over in the world of consoles, we saw PlayStation 4 regain its title of best-selling console over Xbox One in January. Xbox One had taken the top spot from Sony’s flagship console after dropping the Microsoft console’s price for the holiday season. The strategy worked and Xbox saw a huge jump in sales. No word yet on what caused the PS4 to take the lead again, though we speculate that Xbox’s price increase after the holiday season may have opened the door just wide enough for PS4 to squeeze in and regain control. Now that the price for Xbox One has dropped again – and won’t be going back up, according to Microsoft – we’ll see if the leaderboard changes again for February sales.

Finally, our last topic, while not necessarily news, is definitely controversial. This week we posed the question: Can refusing to pre-order games bring and end to glitch releases? We recognize this is a hot topic, and will continue to be for a long time. After a disappointing end to 2014, with games like Assassin’s Creed Unity and Halo: The Master Chief Collection experiencing serious issues at release, the question of whether or not avoiding pre-orders will push developers to release completed games has reignited in full strength. Gamers are pleading with each other daily on Reddit, Twitter and other social networks to avoid pre-ordering games in an effort to send a message to developers that gamers expect and deserve better. So far, though, it seems pre-ordering continues to grow in popularity.

Those are just a few of the hottest topics from the last week. Now’s your chance to share your opinions about these topics, or any others you wish to discuss. We do ask that you please respect other commenters’ opinions, even if they differ strongly from your own. This is a chance for us to discuss something we all love: gaming. So be courteous, and have fun.