Open Discussion — August 9 2012

By | 4 years ago 

Here it is, the weekly Open Discussion for August 9th, 2012. Now’s your chance to choose the topics, whether they be in relation to what game’s you’re playing or news items that have caught your interest.

We’re still in that typical summer slump as far as new game releases go, but there are still plenty of intriguing titles to play, only it may be a little more difficult to find them.

Among those newly released titles is the third game released under Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade banner, Hybrid. After spending considerable time with the game at Comic-Con I found a lot to like about 5th Cell’s 3v3 shooter, both in terms of the unique experience it delivers and the larger over world game. Unfortunately, the game’s multiplayer-only focus has resulted in some hefty problems for players, but things appear to be clearing up now.

Giving players yet another reason to dust off their Vita, if they feel so inclined to play the game on their portable, is Sound Shapes, the rhythm and music creation game with a unique art style. As was said before you can play Sound Shapes on your PS3, but on-the-go seems like a better proposition.

On the news front we saw the first multiplayer trailer for Black Ops 2 released, one that showcased some of the new futuristic weaponry that will be at player’s disposal in the online battlefields. A lot of what was shown in the trailer is sure to be contentious — especially considering the amount of seemingly unbalanced weaponry that was on display — but nonetheless intriguing. In addition to the trailer we were treated to a few more rumors about Treyarch‘s sequel, including more details about the story (where, when, why) and more multiplayer information (killstreaks, weapons, etc…)

We also just saw a full achievement and trophy list revealed for Resident Evil 6 that confirms the existence (once again) of fan-favorite character Ada in the single player campaign. It appears that not only is Capcom doubling down on Chris and Leon as protagonists, but they’re trying to bring as many iconic heroes that have appeared in the games into the fold as possible.

But those are only just some of the topics worth discussing; feel free to share your thoughts or gripes about any recent news or game that has caught your fancy.

Also, respect should be paid towards every commenter, and that no disparaging remarks will be tolerated. This is a place for gamers to get together and discuss the things they love, so have at it.

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