Open Discussion — August 16 2012

By | 4 years ago 

Here it is, the weekly Open Discussion for August 16th, 2012. Now’s your chance to choose the topics, whether they be in relation to what game’s you’re playing or news items that have caught your interest.

As opposed to past weeks, this one has actually been quite the doozy, with tons of intriguing news flooding the internet and two high profile titles releasing on the same day. One, Darksiders 2, has already been reviewed by Game Rant, and stands currently as one of the highest rated games of 2012. Yes, Vigil Games took some risks in evolving the franchise they introduced back in 2010, but apparently those risks paid off.

Along with the release of Darksiders 2 came the official unveiling of Sleeping Dogs, United Front Games’ riff on the open world crime genre, only set in Hong Kong. As some may know the game originally existed as True Crime: Hong Kong but was dropped by publisher Activision and then promptly snatched up by Square Enix and renamed Sleeping Dogs. We’ve yet to get our hands on a copy, but we anxiously anticipate your thoughts on the game.

As far as news is concerned, we’re in full swing for Gamescom — Germany’s premiere gaming conference — and quite a few new titles were unveiled, many of them by Sony. It almost feels like Sony’s Gamescom conference, which released details about several new Vita titles and the new PlayStation mobile service, was what their E3 press conference should have been. We also were treated to a Last of Us trailer that teased a story much deeper and complex than gamers were led to believe, and saw Catwoman join the roster of fighters for Injustice: Gods Among Us. Needless to say, these are the weeks that gamers live for.

But those are only just some of the topics worth discussing; feel free to share your thoughts or gripes about any recent news or game that has caught your fancy.

Also, respect should be paid towards every commenter, and that no disparaging remarks will be tolerated. This is a place for gamers to get together and discuss the things they love, so have at it.

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