Open Discussion — August 1 2012

By | 5 years ago 

It’s time again for this week’s Open Discussion where you, the readers, get to choose the topics to talk about. It can be about any and everything that you feel like discussing — from recent developments in video game news to the games that have been occupying the majority of your time.

Among the new titles releasing this week are Deadlight, the artsy new downloadable releasing as part of Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, yet another entry in Square Enix’s popular franchise that is not titled Kingdom Hearts 3. We’re getting close though.

Hot topics in the news world include the Xbox 720 dev kit photos and details that were confirmed to be true by several sources in the development world, the major leak of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale characters and stages, and Star Wars: The Old Republic unsurprisingly going free-to-play in November. While the dev kit details themselves weren’t as eye opening as many had hoped, the vast improvements over current gen are hard to overlook. Still, it was nothing for current PC owners to be jealous of, and gave us cause for concern in terms of platform parity.

But those are only just some of the topics worth discussing; feel free to share your thoughts or gripes about any recent news or game that has caught your fancy.

Also, respect should be paid towards every commenter, and that no disparaging remarks will be tolerated. This is a place for gamers to get together and discuss the things they love, so have at it.

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