Chris Hansen Investigating Sexual Assault on Livestream

chris hansen investigating sexual assault on livestream

Emmy-winning television journalist Chris Hansen is best known for his work on To Catch A Predator, a show where he and local police would confront sexual predators. In the years since To Catch A Predator's final episode, Hansen has continued his work, and will now look into the alleged sexual assault by YouTube user Brian "Onlyusemeblade" Risso, which took place on a live stream.

The stream shows Risso in an RV, getting into bed with an unconscious woman who was apparently blackout drunk. As the stream continues, Risso then repeatedly thrusts his body against the woman. At the time of this writing, no charges have been filed against Risso (who claims that he turned himself into police and cleared his name by showing them clips of the stream), but the topic has been brought to the attention of Hansen, who plans to look into the matter further and possibly launch a full-fledged investigation.

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For those unfamiliar with Risso, he initially became famous on YouTube for his Call of Duty videos. As his username Onlyusemeblade implies, Risso would play Call of Duty games and only use his melee weapon instead of a gun. Risso then branched out into other content on YouTube, obtaining over 500,000 subscribers in the process. More recently, he has focused on producing live streams for various video hosting platforms.


Unfortunately, this isn't the first time the prominent YouTuber has been accused of sexual assault. It's also far from the first controversy stemming from Risso's livestreams. Risso was banned from Twitch for performing a sex act on himself live on a stream, and he was also accused of abusing his dog on stream. Animal abuse in live streams and YouTube videos have resulted in thousands of people signing petitions to get those accused banned from live streaming platforms, but it remains to be seen if similar petitions will be made against Risso.

In recent years, much of Risso's content has consisted of IRL (In Real Life) streams. These streams have document Risso's various behavioral issues, and have also highlighted what appears to be a struggle with alcoholism.

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