EA's Soderlund Calls OnLive a "Brilliant Idea"


Since it was announced, OnLive has raised the eyebrows of gamers everywhere. Questions about lag, graphics and, moreover, how it works with streaming from their own servers. Gamers wondered if this would finally level the playing field by creating a universal gaming experience.

There is no question that the experiences with OnLive have been positive, even EA's senior VP Patrick Soderlund thinks "it's a brilliant idea as long as it works."

Soderlund has had his own positive experiences with playing the new gaming technology:

It doesn't matter how powerful the game is or what graphics you're running on, everything is handled somewhere else. I've tested it myself I've played high-end games like Crysis or Bad Company 2 and they looked exactly like they would do on the highest end PC.

As gamers have spent countless dollars trying to keep up with the newest cutting edge games, knowing that this tiny box can alleviate that cost and provided a unified experience makes it almost impossible to resist. Microsoft and Sony, and even high end graphics card companies, surely see a potential threat with OnLive. Soderlund puts himself in their shoes and thinks they could adopt similar technologies:

If I were Sony and Microsoft and I was looking at building a new machine I would absolutely look at options like that for my services for sure, why not?

If OnLive really is this good and catches on, it has the potential to change various aspects of the gaming lifestyle in the future. No more limitations on console specific multiplayer games, no more dropping down the graphics settings because you have and outdated video card, no more compromised game play because you cant afford the latest and greatest PC or Mac. Even better, people might not have to wait for a release date because their console is not the preferred console of that game, and no more midnight line ups.

Positive reviews of OnLive were to be expected. The way the system will be financially freeing, not to mention eliminate the need of multiple gaming platforms was going to have everyone buzzing about it, but to hear positive words from someone like Patrick Soderlund will make you think. Maybe this device will really and truly be able to change the gaming world forever. Maybe we really can ditch all our consoles and gaming rigs for one OnLive system.

Will you be hanging up your consoles for OnLive? Do you think it will live up to the hype, or will it get stomped by the big boys? Speak up below and tell us what you think.

OnLive's microconsole is set to start shipping on December 2nd, and the service to your PC or Mac is available now.

Source: CVG

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