OnLive to launch in UK at Eurogamer Expo London

OnLive announced they plan to bring their online video game streaming service to the UK on September 22nd at the Eurogamer Expo London. Together with BT, their exclusive broadband partner, OnLive will be be showcasing upcoming games and tech and handing out thousands of OnLive game systems.

OnLive launched their service in the US in June 2010 and offer a library of over 100 “top-tier” games to buy or rent – and an all-you-can-play Playpack Bundle of 70+ games including Homefront, Fear 3, and Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition for $9.99 per month.

OnLive has its fair share of perspective customers that are concerned about bandwidth requirements – so partnering with an Internet provider may help squelch those fears. A quick browse of the BT website reveals unlimited broadband Internet plans at a price of £45 per month. Lower priced plans have bandwidth caps of 40 GB. Some users have noted 2-3 GB of data usage per hour playing OnLive – which would make a 40 GB somewhat limiting.

Only recently, GameFly announced “Unlimited PC Play”, an all-you-can play PC subscription service to be launched in September. GameFly does not currently operate in the UK and they made it clear that “Unlimited PC Play” would not be a standalone subscription service – so don’t hold your breath. The PC digital download competition is seriously heating up in the US with EA requiring an Origin connection for Battlefield 3 installations as well as GameFly releasing “Unlimited PC Play” and OnLive offering some great deals.

Week long Ubisoft OnLive Sale Shaun White Skateboarding

This week OnLive is currently partnering with Ubisoft to offer a 70-80% off deal on one Ubisoft game per day till Sunday. This week has seen deals on Assassin’s Creed 2, Shaun White Skateboarding and Silent Hunter 5 – not to mention today’s deal, Hawx 2 for $5, $3.80 for Playpack Bundle subscribers. These prices are so low they’re nearing Apple app store territory. If you’re interested in playing last years games for a few bucks head over to the OnLive site and you can check out a free hour long demo to see how the service works for you.

Any ranters planning on checking OnLive out when it lands in the UK?

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