It looks like South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!, the mildly popular downloadable title from 345 Games, is going to be getting a sequel or a spiritual successor. Though it has been two years since the previous South Park title was released, 345 Games has come out to let fans of the property know they have something cooking.

Unfortunately, 345 also shared some news that might disappoint some gamers who were hoping that this next title would break the mold and be multiplatform.

While the Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! team revealed they are working on this forthcoming title, they weren’t willing to comment on what type of game it will be. According to Prithvi Virasinghe, the Creative Director at 345, the only thing they want gamers to know about this next South Park game is that it might be the last Xbox 360 exclusive for the property.

Unbeknownst to fans of the South Park property and Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!, 345 Games has an exclusivity deal with Microsoft that extends for two releases. So, for those keeping count, that means that gamers are in for one more South Park title that appears only on the Xbox before the floodgates open.

As one of the more popular comedy properties on television right now, at least far as the gaming community is concerned, South Park has a real opportunity to create fun bite-sized downloadable titles that participate in a whole variety of genres, much like Double Fine Studios has taken advantage of the downloadable space.

Whether such a scenario would play it is unclear, as 345 Games’ focus is clearly trained on getting this next XBLA-exclusive title out. But, as long as South Park continues to deliver the laughs on televisions, gamers are sure to be interested in these downloadable titles.

Were you a fan of 345 Games’ previous downloadable South Park game? Would you be interested in picking up South Park titles that explore a variety of genres?

Source: Joystiq