Registration Code Errors Leave 'Old Republic' Players Frustrated

The Old Republic Registration Errors

There is a disturbance in the Force.

The incredible popularity of Star Wars: The Old Republic has generated a few speed bumps for players and either silence or frustrating responses from BioWare and Electronic Arts. The sheer number of players trying to get into the game has caused extremely long server lines, undoubtedly leaving gamers to question if they're playing a video game or queuing for a ride at Disneyland.

However, this pales in comparison to the latest issue that has befallen some players. The Old Republic has barely lifted off the ground and already there are numerous reports of players having problems with their registration codes. A large number of gamers are taking to online forums to voice their concern and frustration at the unfortunate turn of events.

Apparently, some physical copies of the game failed to include a registration code. Other players who have been in the game (but now have to register) find their codes non-functional, and some new users who downloaded the game are experiencing the same issue. Considering there is only a two day grace period to enter the code before early progress is lost, some players are undoubtedly getting anxious.

Pre-orders are not exempt from the issue either, as players have either not received a code yet, been told their code was already active, or their billing history from Origin indicated they never even purchased the game. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect is that, as mentioned, BioWare has been silent on the issue.

Star Wars The Old Republic Long Wait Times

There are reports of some players receiving automated responses about the issue, blaming the end-user for providing the wrong code, such as a pre-registration code for activation, though this seems unlikely.

Where does the blame lie? Is it with BioWare, Origin, EA, bugs in the software, or some hideous combination thereof? The bottom line is, with this many moving parts and this many different versions of the game (pre-orders, physical orders, digital orders) and various codes floating around, there was bound to be some sort of issue crop up. Bioware and/or EA just need to clarify the situation and present a solution to frustrated gamers; it's the lack of information and a timely response that's bound to anger gamers.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available now for the PC.


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