Since being released last summer, Pokemon GO has been downloaded over half a billion times. The mobile game has been such a hit because it appeals to a wide demographic, with young and old mobile users alike taking an interest, hoping to catch ’em all.

One player who is very much a testament to that wide appeal is Mdm Tan Nai Keow, an 84-year old great grandmother from Singapore. The Pokemon GO player received an iPhone 7 Plus from her grandson as a Christmas gift and began playing earlier this year. In an interview, Mdm explains that she plays the game from the time her eyes open in the morning until “after dinner when the sun sets.”

A level 34 player, Mdm Tan says that Pokemon GO¬†appeals to her because the characters are “cute” and during the hours that she plays the game she doesn’t feel so “lonely.” While this is heartwarming, she has caught 237 different types of Pokemon (all of the available Pokemon in Singapore) and 370 altogether, it could make her a formidable opponent at Pokemon GO Gyms. She also hopes to keep catching more Pokemon and reach level 35 and so fellow players in Singapore had better watch out.

It’s certainly positive to see that Pokemon GO has introduced people to the series for the first time, giving them a chance to find something they love but may not have otherwise played. This accessibility of the game – as it is free and can be played without buying a new console – is another reason why it’s so popular and why Pokemon GO has made so much money.

A study from earlier this year also suggested that Pokemon GO players are generally more friendly people. Mdm Tan, already helps out at community events and leads qigong groups, but the game gives more players like her another reason to interact with people and spread the joy over a mutual interest.

In the next few months, the Pokemon GO fanbase is surely set to grow as more people hope to get in on this good feeling. Players like Mdm Tan can now get in on legendary Raids which make the game even more social and could encourage more people to get their friends into the game. Developer Niantic is also said to be working on a player versus player battle system as well as a trading feature and these will get people out playing and talking to one another too.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

Source: TODAY Online