Okamiden Special Edition Includes a Chibiterasu Plushie

Okamiden - DS Special Edition

Here's what's included in the Okamiden special edition, beyond the standard DS cartridge:

  • 10cm Chibiterasu Plushie
  • Soundtrack CD
  • DVD Including All Okamiden Game Trailers
  • Short Storybook
  • Okamiden Paw Ear Buds
  • Ink Brush Stylus
  • Screen Cleaner
  • Plus a Gorgeous High Quality Over-sized Box

Sign me up for a Chibiterasu plushie! Also, while I can't confirm this, it also appears as if pre-orders for Okamiden will include the Ink Brush Stylus and screen cleaner. I'm unsure though, as this may just be a separate edition rather than a preorder bonus.

If you haven't heard of Okamiden, I recommend you check out the trailer and initial game details. You control a puppy in a land with heavy ancient-Japanese influence. The story of the original Okami was very Zelda-esque, lighthearted and full of adventure. Combat involves a mixture of direct-action combined with spells, which are cast via various symbols you'll draw with an in-game paintbrush.

Okami's developer, Clover Studios, inevitably closed due in part to the disappointing sales of the game, but that does nothing to diminish the overwhelming positive reception the game received. It was an unbelievably surprising, yet great moment to hear that Capcom would be continuing the franchise on the DS.

While the Wii was very fitting for Okami, the past has shown that unless your company name is Nintendo even a great game is unlikely to find much success. The DS, on the other hand, is a much more fertile field. I have nothing but high expectations for the release.

Keep in mind, this special edition may not reach beyond the shores of Japan, as there has been no official North American announcement yet.

Have you had the privilege of playing Okami, Ranters? Are you excited for the upcoming sequel, Okamiden? If you aren't, I'm extremely disappointed in you.

Okamiden is set for release in March of 2011 for the Nintendo DS.

Source: E-Capcom (tip from Blue Vendetta)

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