Okamiden Character Videos Get Players Acquainted With the Colorful Cast

Fans of the cult-classic PS2 and Wii hit, Okami, have been long awaiting the direct sequel, Okamiden. Nintendo and Capcom have decided to ease the anticipation of the game's release by unveiling four new character videos that will help get players better acquainted with the game's main cast.

The first video features Issun, a small fairy who has crossed the country as a traveling painter. Through an unexpected meeting with Amaterasu, he became his partner and helped save Nippon from the threat of Orochi.  The two went their separate ways and Issun continues to travel the country as a Celestial Envoy so that he can spread the word of the gods.  He was the first to notice the forthcoming catastrophe and is now set on discovering the truth behind it with Chibiterasu.

Check out the Issun character video below:


Susano is the descendant of the legendary hero Nag, and is also the true hero who defeated Orochi during the events of Okami. Susano ended up marrying Kushi, who together gave birth to a son named, Kuni. Being such a doting father, Susano cannot help but worry about his son.

Check out the Susano character video below:


While almost being sacrificed to Orochi in the catastrophic event that took place in Okami, Kushi was rescued due to the combined efforts of Amaterasu and Susano. Though she can get a bit fed up with Susano’s adoration on their son, Kuni, the three live happily together.

Check out the Kushi character video below:


Sakuya is the spirit of the sacred tree, Konohana, and watches over Kamiki Village.  She gives advice to Chibiterasu in an effort to save Nippon from the evil that has attacked the land once more.

Check out the Sakuya character video below:


With this year's announcement that Amaterasu will be a playable character in next year's Marvel vs Capcom 3, fans of the Okaimi franchise certainly have a lot to look forward to in the Spring of 2011.

Does the wait until Okamiden is released seem a little eased after watching these videos? Still need a bit more convincing before deciding whether to purchase what looks to be a promising game for the DS? Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Okamiden releases March 15, 2011 for the Nintendo DS.

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