Official Overwatch Sombra Artwork Leaks


Ahead of Blizzcon 2016, official artwork of Overwatch's Sombra leaks, appearing to show the rumored new character controlling a massive Svygatogor mech.

For Overwatch fans, one of the most intriguing yet frustrating mysteries surrounding the game is that of new character Sombra. Teased by Blizzard with the Sombra ARG (alternate reality game), players have been working hard to decipher various clues and codes, in a desperate effort to find out more about the character, including her abilities and her intended release date.

Though there was recent disappointment with the Sombra ARG, when a countdown ended only to leave fans even more puzzled, an image of the upcoming hero has leaked, giving people hope. The image, embedded below, was hosted on Blizzard gear store's server before being deleted (and re-uploaded online by an speedy fan). Signed by John Polidora, Polidora's ArtStation profile describes the artist as the "Blizzard/Overwatch illustrator, concept artist, and character designer," so this image is as close to 'official' as one can get without Blizzard itself confirming it.


Some fans have noted that, in the background of the artwork, the head of a Svyatogor can be seen and Sombra may also be standing on a hand of one. The Svyatogor is a mech created by Volskaya Industries to defend Russia from Omnics and the suggestion is that Sombra, who is a hacker according to previously leaked lore, is somehow able to control a Svyatogor and take on her enemies with it. It's also worth noting that the image also lines up with a (slightly blurry) Sombra image that was leaked ahead of the game's Halloween event.

Other information supporting the fact that Sombra is about to get a formal debut, is that recently, the game's director Jeff Kaplan said that the team is working on two new Overwatch heroes. Kaplan also said that one of these heroes is "very far along" and is being play-tested internally and, although there's no guarantee that this character is Sombra, it's hard to believe that the game director was referring to anyone else.

As for when this formal debut will take place, the best guess is at BlizzCon 2016. The annual Blizzard bash, which begins later this week, is set to feature an event called "Overwatch - What's New" which will include discussion of "the newest heroes" (along with maps and brawls). Given that Overwatch hasn't added a single new hero since it launched in May, it stands to reason that Sombra will either be revealed at the event or sometime before it.

Source: reddit

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