Official Kung-Fu LIVE Gamescom/PAX Trailer

Kung-Fu Live - Lightning Strike

Virtual Air Guitar Company is getting all psyched up about Gamescom and PAX. They'll be showing off their new game Kung-Fu LIVE in all of its glory, setting attendees up to try out all aspects of the motion controlled fighting game.

Here's what Teemu Mäki-Patola, CEO of Virtual Air Guitar Company, talks about what we can expect to see at the upcoming conferences:

“At Gamescom, we finally have the chance to show off the depth of ‘Kung-Fu LIVE’ as a fully-realized hardcore fighting game, and we’ll be sharing more stages, enemies, and bosses than ever before,” ... “The crowd will even get a sneak peek at our unique multiplayer mode that pits players on the couch against players on their own two feet. It’s going to be intense, and we invite everyone attending the show to stop by our booth and show off their kung-fu moves, walking away with a full workout that no other fighting game can deliver.”

You even get to see a bit of the multiplayer action in the trailer, though don't expect anything more than a tease:


You've got to respect the amount of energy those actors put into this trailer. I'm practically exhausted myself, after simply watching. While I'm certainly a fan of Kung-Fu and I've absolutely played out some action sequences in the backyard on occasion, I don't know how willing I'd be to try a game like Kung-Fu LIVE on my own.

I suppose that's why the trailer portrays the game as a party-style experience. Pop the game in, turn on your Eye-Toy and watch one of your friends look ridiculous for a while. Ack, that brings back disturbing memories of playing Wii Fit with my family during Christmas a few years back.

What appears to be a very Kinect-like style of game is currently only in development for the PlayStation 3. Completely disappointing, in my opinion, because the Kinect could really use some exciting titles for its launch. Of course, that's probably why Sony's paying to keep this one exclusive to the PS3.

How does Kung-Fu Live look to you, Ranters? Does this seem like a game you'd like to play with your friends? Perhaps after a few drinks? Remember, Kung-Fu LIVe is meant for people who don't take themselves too seriously.

Kung-Fu Live is scheduled for release exclusively over PSN near the end of 2010.

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