The Blizzard online community is certainly one of the largest in the gaming world and when Diablo III comes out, it’s sure to grow. The PC gaming juggernaut has now launched the official community site for Diablo III to allow fans and players of the game to sign up and communicate at a one-stop hub for all things regarding the world of New Tristram.

Players are invited to sign up and check out the official community site for Diablo III and further all kinds of discussion about the title. Find a group, talk classes, customization, or about the world. While parties for the game are going to be a lot smaller than the MMORPG world of World of Warcraft, Diablo III will still be built upon grouping up, entering a dungeon, and killing all the monsters within. The original game may have been centered on a singular experience, but given how far online gaming has come, Diablo must change with the times.

The site will no doubt cater to the PC community, since that section will always make up a majority of the population. However, there is a chance it could cater to individuals who opt to purchase the all-but-confirmed console version of Diablo III. Unfortunately, one of the things players will not be able to discuss is the kinds of changes and scenarios they plan to create, as Blizzard is outlawing any and all mods.

A topic that might be seeing a lot of discussion on the community site might have to do with the constant online connectivity that Diablo III will be requiring. Blizzard has no plans to change their policy concerning the online requirements, but at least outraged fans now have a place to voice plead their cases in an official setting.

The release of the game is still a long, long way away, but in the meantime all are welcome to sign up for the community site, if for no other reason than to talk about how anxious and excited you understandably are.

Diablo III will be released when it’s done for PC (most likely in 2012) and possibly for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at some point in the future.

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