Geoff Keighley and Oculus Rift creator Palmer Lucky tease a ‘special announcement’ at The Game Awards 2015, with many fans hoping for an Oculus Rift release date.

The Game Awards 2015 is really shaping up to be an exciting event as the annual celebration, which is now in its second year, has some high profile reveals up its sleeves. Already confirmed for the show are Quantum Break and Far Cry Primal gameplay while fighting game Mortal Kombat X will also introduce brand new fighters during the presentation. Joining these games will be Oculus VR (the company behind the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset) as Rift’s creator Palmer Luckey will take to the stage for a ‘special announcement’.

The announcement, which is one of 10 world premieres scheduled to take place at The Game Awards this year, has been teased on Twitter by both (The Game Awards creator) Geoff Keighley and Luckey. While neither of them would even hint at what this Oculus announcement is about, Luckey’s tweet did confirm that it’s “not preorders opening”. In fact, no one can even be certain whether or not the announcement relates to Oculus Rift at all as only Luckey and Oculus VR (the company) have been mentioned, with nothing about the headset.

Nonetheless, the most popular announcement theory is that the Oculus Rift will finally get a release date. Although people have been hearing about the device for years – from its crowdfunding campaign and Facebook’s multi-billion dollar acquisition of Oculus VR – Oculus have only said that the device will be out in ‘Q1 2016’ which means that it could show up any day during that four month window. Another suggestion is that fans will finally learn the Oculus Rift price. Previously, Oculus said that users should expect to pay over $1,000 to use it properly (if they need to upgrade their computers as well, that is) so the sooner they find out the cost, the sooner they can begin saving money.

Fans are also hoping for more Oculus Rift compatible games. Some examples of games that already have Oculus support are Dying Light, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Elite: Dangerous, while Insomniac Games has also announced Edge of Nowhere as an exclusive title for the device. Many are excited to play these games with VR once the retail version of Oculus Rift is released, but as so many critics agree that virtual reality tech will live (or die) by its software library, a few more Oculus Rift compatible games will go a long way to helping the headset become successful.

The Game Awards 2015 takes place on December 3.