Facebook Oculus VR Controllers Accidentally Included Hidden Messages

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Over the last year or more popular social media site Facebook has faced plenty of conspiracy theories, from faking viewer numbers on videos to sharing users’ data. However, the latest story coming out of Facebook claims that it was the company who was sharing the conspiracies, albeit inadvertently.

According to Oculus Co-Founder Nate Mitchell, tens of thousands of Oculus Touch VR controllers were sent out with hidden, “easter egg” messages on them. Some Touch controllers had messages like “Big Brother is Watching, “The Masons Were Here,” and “Hi iFixIt! We See You!”

The messages can be found on what’s called the “flex,” which is an internal flexible component in the Oculus Touch controllers. So most VR users won’t actually see the message unless they start poking around in the internal components of the Touch controllers.

But for those who purchased and then opened their Oculus VR Touch controllers this might seem like some sort of hidden message, but it was simply an Oculus inside joke that accidentally made its way to production. Apparently, the Oculus Rift developers and manufacturers liked to put these type of messages on the Touch prototypes, but they were never meant for the finished product. One thing led to another, though, and some of the Easter egg messages did end up on the VR controllers.

According to Mitchell, the messages were only printed on non-consumer units, most likely those used for promotional purposes like press reviews and demo units. He did explain what messages those who do receive the units might see, but things get a little weird from there. Contrary to Mitchell’s claim about non-consumer units, a Facebook representative told Business Insider that there will be consumer units going out with the messages on them. These controllers will apparently be bundled with the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S VR headsets, but since those VR headsets are not yet available, no one has seen the messages.

Regardless of the situation, Mitchell owns up to the snafu and assures people that the integrity of the products are not compromised, there are just some weird messages on them. Maybe in time the “Easter egg” will make those controllers a collector’s item.

Source: Business Insider

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