Oculus Rift Won’t Be Coming to Xbox One Anytime Soon

By | 1 year ago 

It’s hard to ignore the major pushes companies have been making in virtual reality, especially if you’re a gamer. With the likes of Sony developing the PlayStation VR for its PlayStation 4, the obvious thing for Microsoft to do with its Xbox One would be to push its current partnership with Oculus over to its home console. While this seemed like an obvious move, however, apparently it’s not something either company plans on doing anytime soon.

During a recent interview with Oculus vice president Nate Mitchell, Polygon asked if the Oculus Rift would be made compatible with the Xbox One. Surprisingly, while there has been talk about bringing the VR headset over to the gaming console, the team is “not so close” to bringing the tech to Microsoft’s current gaming console.

Given all of the operating systems Oculus Rift is aiming to be compatible with, it’s understandable that the team is holding off on another platform for the time being. This is something that Mitchell himself talked about during the interview, stating that the team is focused on making it work well at launch.

“It has been a conversation, but I can say we’re not so close. What we were finding is that it’s hard enough to deliver a great experience reliably on Windows, never mind adding OS X and Linux to that, which are different beasts entirely. Because of that, we’ve been laser focused on getting Windows in awesome shape. No one is really thinking right now about bringing the Rift to a console, especially when the spec is so different from what we’re targeting right now.”

Oculus Rift Hololens

Of course, Mitchell was quick to clarify that Oculus won’t be ruling out the possibility of Xbox One support at some point down the road, stating that it’s certainly possible to get it working on the system.

“That’s the thing, you can absolutely deliver a great VR experience on Xbox One, what I should say is with the hardware that’s in the Xbox One. We’re not really focused on it right now. It really depends on the content you want to put there.”

With HoloLens looking like its main emphasis for Microsoft in lieu of a more traditional VR headset (although it still needs some work based on our hands-on time with it), Oculus is the best chance that Xbox One owners have at receiving a virtual reality experience on the platform. That said, whether or not the technology will be a success has yet to be determined by the current marketplace, so, setting aside Xbox, it’ll be interesting to see what happens on the platforms VR will be coming to.

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Source: Polygon