Both Oculus and HTC have run into problems delivering on their first wave of pre-order VR headsets, and are attempting to make amends to affected customers.

Though the Oculus Rift officially launched last week and the Vive is due to ship next week after a highly successful pre-order period, both companies have run into their own problems fulfilling their respective pre-orders, resulting in plenty of unhappy customers.

Gamers who still haven’t received their order of the Oculus Rift will have received an email notice from the company stating that Oculus is currently experiencing shipping delays due to ‘unexpected component shortages’, which could mean a significant delay on customer orders. To make amends for the company’s failure to have the pre-orders ready by launch time, CEO Brendan Iribe confirmed that the company would be removing all shipping and handling charges from the remaining pre-orders, including those shipping outside of the United States.

Oculus Rift Headset Promo Shot

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, declined to make any promises on when the units would arrive, and made the following comment on Reddit:

I am not going to wax poetic about this, since I have done so in the past, but bottom-line: I won’t give in-depth updates on any situation without knowing it is solid, true, and finalized.

While Luckey stated earlier that Apple doesn’t make good enough computers for the Rift, he may want to take notice of their consistent supply channels.

Meanwhile, those who pre-ordered the HTC Vive may have received an unexpected notice stating their their orders were not only declined by their financial institution, but then automatically cancelled by HTC. This was the result of a processing error, and HTC has stated that it is now working to fix the unexpected problem. Some customers have already had their orders re-instated after contacting HTC directly, and the company has promised to work with customers to get everything back on track and get the Vive units delivered as scheduled. In the meantime, HTC suggests that affected customers contact their financial institutions to notify them of the upcoming charges.

Once gamers eventually get their hands on either VR headset, they’ll be able to access a huge library of titles, and the battle to become the King of VR will be on in full-force. Prior to the eventual arrival of these pre-orders, those looking to get their VR fix can always ride a rollercoaster at select Six Flags locations, which is either the most terrifying idea of all time, or the greatest.

What do you think about the delays between both VR producers, Ranters?

Source: GameInformer