Amazon Cyber Monday Deal Lets You Get Oculus Go for Cheap

Oculus Go 25% Off Amazon

It's Cyber Monday, and Amazon is having a stream of amazing deals on games and gear. Right now, gamers can take advantage of the Oculus Go being up to 25% off. This is, however, depending on how many gigabytes of storage users want.

The Oculus Go is typically valued at $199 for the headset alone, but Amazon is offering $50 off today for a total of $149 per headset. This is the price for 32GB of storage, which is a hefty amount for the limited capabilities of the Go. For the base price of a normal Go headset, gamers can walk away with double the storage space of 64GB for only $199. A slamming deal in comparison to the typical $249 price tag (taxes not included). Additional sales are going on now for the Oculus Rift and Rift S which still have phenomenal graphics and are great for newer game releases.


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The Oculus Go was the predecessor to the infamous Oculus Quest, gaining notoriety for being one of the first headsets with standalone tracking. The headset is great for simplicity as there are no extra wires, tracking cameras, or PC setups to invest in. The Oculus Go is the perfect headset for newer users and even plane rides. However, it's drawn plenty of criticism for the limited function and low graphics quality.

Oculus Go 32 GB - $149


Oculus Go 64 GB - $199


With the recent buy out of Beat Games by Facebook, players may be looking to play the ever-popular Beat Saber game. The Oculus Go, unfortunately, does not support this game as there are only one controller and no modifications that allow for the game to be played. Additional games that most VR fans are looking forward to are Half Life's new Alyx which sold out all of Valve's new headset upon the game's announcement. In fact, many Go users find the library of games to be rather limited and typically seek out the Oculus Rift or even the Quest to satisfy their gaming needs.

Most of the users of the Oculus Go use the system for watching streaming services and social VR experiences. Live events have also been fairly popular for users but have also drawn criticism for their "Screen Door Effect".  Many are looking forward to the next generation of consoles developing increasingly wireless VR headsets, but some systems like Xbox Project Scarlett won't support VR as they find the style of gaming isolating.

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