Octopath Traveler is a classic-style JRPG with old-school art design and turn-based combat. This type of game tends to struggle in sales unless they’re part of a major franchise, but against all odds, the Switch-exclusive JRPG has just passed a major sales milestone, selling 1 million copies worldwide in less than a month.

This news comes from the Nintendo of Europe Twitter page, which released new artwork to commemorate Octopath Traveler‘s success. The artwork features the eight playable characters from the game thanking fans for helping it reach 1 million copies sold.

Octopath Traveler‘s sales success is somewhat surprising. Not even Square Enix or Nintendo predicted just how popular it would be, and as a result, they sent out far less physical copies than could meet demand. This led to the game being sold out on Amazon and at other retailers, making it hard to find compared to other Nintendo Switch exclusive games.

However, given Octopath Traveler‘s sales success, it’s safe to say that more copies of the game will be sent to retailers sooner rather than later. In the coming months, fans should expect the classic-style JRPG to be much easier to find on store shelves. Plus, if it continues to sell well, perhaps that will inspire Square Enix to produce a sequel somewhere down the line.

Octopath Traveler‘s sales success is impressive, but the game’s critical success deserves mention as well. The game released to relatively positive reviews across the board, and while it has been criticized for some shortcomings, it still has a respectable 85 average on review aggregate site OpenCritic.

From both critical and commercial standpoints, Octopath Traveler can be described as a success. It’s possible that this success will see it become its own franchise, and if so, hopefully any sequels iron out the issues that some people have with the first game. In the meantime, fans should stay tuned to see if Square Enix or Nintendo decide to return to the Octopath Traveler IP in the future.

Octopath Traveler is out now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.