Obsidian 'Next Great RPG' Job Listings Reveal Exciting Details

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Obsidian Entertainment is currently hard at work wrapping up development on The Outer Worlds, a science fiction first-person RPG. However, it seems that Obsidian is far enough along that it can start seriously working on what comes next. This past week, Obsidian posted almost a dozen job listings on LinkedIn. The jobs include Combat Designer, User Interface Artist, and even a Lead Narrative Designer. Most exciting though is that many of the job listings reference Obsidian's next big game.

The Lead Narrative Designer position provides the first hint about what Obsidian will be working on next. The first line in the listing tasks the role to join a team "making our next great multi-platform RPG." It's not surprising, but it does confirm that Obsidian will be working on another big RPG. The multi-platform part likely means PC and Xbox, but could imply another Outer Worlds RPG scenario where the game launches on PS4 and Switch, too.

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Additional details about Obsidian's next RPG can be found in the other job listings, and some of those details are very interesting. The User Interface Artist listening implies the "next great RPG" will be made in Unreal Engine 4. The Combat Designer position specifically tasks the role with developing first-person melee combat. And most surprising of all, the Network Programmer job listing specifically references developing multiplayer gameplay systems. The Gameplay Programmer listing also mentions multiplayer game development.

So in all, it seems that Obsidian is planning on creating a new, grand RPG with first-person melee combat and multiplayer after it's wrapped up The Outer Worlds. While Obsidian could technically be working on another project already, this at least confirms that Obsidian will continue to create AAA RPGs under its new Xbox ownership. Though some might say that a multiplayer focus or mode is already quite a divergence from Obsidian's typical wheelhouse.

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The information revealed in Obsidian Entertainment's job listings isn't enough to accurately predict what game it's working on specifically. The question is whether Obsidian is going to follow up The Outer Worlds with an immediate sequel. "RPG" doesn't really help shrink Obsidian's library of past titles down much, but melee combat may lend itself more toward the fantasy genre. Obsidian also has the Pillars of Eternity franchise waiting, which fans would likely love to see become a AAA first-person experience.

No matter what Obsidian is working on next, it'll be a very long time before they speak publicly about it. With The Outer Worlds launching in late October, the next Obsidian project is years away. But it's still plenty of fun to speculate about.

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