Twitch Streamer Nymn Ban Time Reduced

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Twitch streamer Nymn, like many Twitch streamers, attended the recent TwitchCon 2019 event. During the event, Nymn streamed footage while in the Twitch Partner lounge, around the time xQc was doing his meet and greet. On October 1, Twitch slammed Nymn with a 14 day ban, despite the offense being accidental. Nymn since filed an appeal to Twitch, and has announced that the streaming site has decide to reduce the suspension to just seven days.

The Nymn Twitch ban has been a hot topic because other streamers reportedly streamed from the Partner Lounge and weren't punished for doing so. The length of Nymn's ban has also been criticized, as some feel the punishment is too harsh.

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Many have pointed out that the Nymn Twitch ban is yet another example of Twitch showing favoritism. In the past, Twitch has been accused of favoring more popular streamers, treating them to a different standard than lesser-known streamers. There have been multiple cases in the past where popular Twitch streamers have either avoided getting in trouble entirely for offenses that have resulted in suspensions for others, or have been hit with less harsh ban times.

For example, it wasn't too long ago that Amouranth was banned from Twitch for a period of three days after she repeatedly flashed her genitals at the camera - albeit accidentally. Some would argue that even though Amouranth's offense was accidental, it was far more egregious than Nymn's offense, and so it's strange that her ban only lasted three days while his ban was originally for two full weeks.

Twitch's CEO spoke about the controversies surrounding the company's enforcement of its ToS, saying that "intent" matters. It's clear that Nymn didn't mean malicious intent by streaming from the Twitch Partner Lounge at TwitchCon, so some on the LivestreamFail subreddit have expressed disappointment that Nymn's suspension wasn't completely done away with, as opposed to just cut in half to seven days.

Twitch's moderation policies continue to be a source of controversy for the company. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how if it changes the way it approaches bans and suspensions in response to the backlash, or if it sticks with its current policies.

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