Nyko Xbox One Intercooler Review

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Any PC or console gamer, especially those with older machines, know that media devices can get extremely hot. Some are just a little warm to the touch, but other consoles’ overheating is such an issue that they eventually break.

So, with shiny new (and relatively expensive) current-gen consoles on the market, Nyko has stepped in with a solution. The peripheral company has delivered two separate intercooler units, one for the Xbox One and one for the PS4.

While we have yet to test the PS4 unit, the Xbox One Intercooler worked as advertising during our extended time with it. It’s an easy to install, smart little piece of tech that, for gamers who store their Xbox One console in enclosed spaces, can help people (and the console) breathe a little easier.

Hooking up the Nyko Xbox One Intercooler is a cinch: simply clip the unit over the current-gen console’s top vents and plug it into a USB port in the back. After that, the Intercooler operates completely on its own, and it even has its own internal thermostat for on/off control.

Nyko Intercooler Beauty Shot

The one drawback to that, however, is that the Nyko Intercooler will turn itself on and off when the Xbox One console hovers between ideal temperature and slightly too hot. And since the fan isn’t exactly whisper quiet, the noise can become an issue. The automatic on/off function is a smart idea in principle, but it would have been nice to have a manual option as well. Having the Xbox One Intercooler fluctuate between on and off for several hours can become irritating.

Even so, it’s hard to overlook the piece of mind that comes from knowing one’s console is not overheating. It’s true that Microsoft designed the Xbox One with a larger chassis to combat this very issue, but a little extra support never hurts. Those who keep their Xbox One out in the open probably don’t need a device like this, but gamers who store their consoles in an enclosed cabinet or next to their other electronics may want to consider it.

And at $25, the Nyko Xbox One Intercooler is unlikely to break the bank for gamers. It’s a pretty straightforward device that’s easy to install, does it’s job well, and offers the comfort of knowing that brand new console is not overheating. It would have been nice if the device offered an option to turn it permanently on or off, as the noise can be an issue, but that’s really the device’s only drawback. For those looking to keep their Xbox One cool, the Nyko Intercooler is worth a look.

Does your Xbox One console get a little too hot?

The Nyko Xbox One Intercooler is available for $25.

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