The latest set of Nvidia drivers is causing serious issues for players of The Division, with the company warning users to stay away from ‘Express’ installs.

Ubisoft’s The Division is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2016, with huge expectations placed on the multiplayer shooter. In spite of a successful beta period, however, it seems as though the game’s retail launch has not gone smoothly. To make matters worse for PC players, the most recent Nvidia driver is giving players some serious grief.

According to reports, the newly released game-drivers for GeForce GPU are bringing about all sorts of issues. Although the drivers are meant to bring optimisations for games such as The Division and Need for Speed, it seems as though version 364.47 is doing anything but the sort. Players are reporting problems such as black and blue screen issues, being unable to boot to Windows, and other graphical issues.

Given that the glitches were far from what was expected after Nvidia’s focused work on The Division, it was not long before users took to forums to report the problems. It was not apparent what was causing the issues, either, since a wide variety of setups were resulting in similar problems. Although some stated that using multiple monitors may have been the root cause, others have stated that an upgraded Windows 10 install was at fault.

the division take cover

Even Nvidia itself was not able to get to the cause of the matter. Instead, the company gave instructions on how to avoid being on the receiving end of the issues in the first place. Nvidia warned users away from choosing the ‘Express’ selection when installing the drivers, and instead to choose a custom option and then “Clean Install installation.” Meanwhile, the company also gave instructions on how best to remove the faulty drivers, by uninstalling through Windows Safe Mode and then reverting to a previous version.

This is far from the only problem that The Division players have faced at launch. Those who were excited the play the title as soon as it released on PC suffered from tremendous issues when trying to connect to the game. In particular, the servers appeared to struggle with the sheer numbers of users once the game launched on North American shores.

Recently, it certainly seems as though there have been a huge number of problems with PC games when they are immediately released, with Batman: Arkham Knight a notorious example. Whether down to a lack of stress testing, or simply the constantly growing user base that comes with the ever-increasing popularity of gaming, it is always disappointing to see fans unable to play a game they have long waited for. Hopefully, Nvidia will be able to resolve these problems soon, and those that were affected did not lose too much time away from the game itself.

Source: NeoGAF (via VG247)