Users on Reddit continue to report technical and performance related issues tied to recently released nVidia drivers when playing newer games like The Division or Hitman.

March has not gotten off to a smooth start for PC gamers as many major releases like The Division and Hitman experienced issues at launch. While both games have been relatively smooth on console, many PC fans are having a tough time getting nVidia based GeForce drivers to function with some of 2016’s biggest titles. Unfortunately, the situation hasn’t improved, even after nVidia released a new driver update.

Gamers have begun to report additional technical issues after downloading the latest driver (364.51), which was released to fix many of the issues previously reported. Gamers have been seeing everything from performance drops, graphical issues, freezes, and crashes. These issues are apparently worse for those gamers who use a multiple monitor setup as well.

Reports indicate that version 361.00, which was released on March 1, is the latest stable driver available, so users are encouraged to uninstall any driver newer than that release. Users who are running either 364.47 or 364.51 should boot their computer in Safe Mode and remove those files from their system to install the 361.00 drivers instead. As of now, nVidia has not commented on the latest round of driver woes.

the division troll blocking doorway player collision

This latest bout of PC driver issues follows on the heels of problems that were reported last week after the launch of The Division. PC players were running into a similar situation where specific nVidia drivers were causing a multitude of issues ranging from graphical issues to blue screen issues. As similar issues continue to plague the PC, it’s clear that nVidia does not have a handle on what is causing these issues, which is especially odd considering how much effort nVidia put into the PC build of The Division thanks to their GameWorks technology.

It has been a rough 12 months for fans of the PC platform, as it seems like every major release is followed up by reports of technical issues. Major releases like Mortal Kombat X and Batman: Arkham Knight suffered through extensive issues that eventually led to both games being essentially left behind by the publisher.  Other titles like Street Fighter V, Battlefield Hardline, and Rainbow Six Siege also experienced launch day server issues but thankfully fans didn’t have to wait long for a resolution. Hopefully, this is trend will soon find a permanent resolution as it’s always disappointing to see a game which many fans have waited a long time for to fall on its face.

Are you someone who has run into this issue? If you’ve solved the issue, what was your fix? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit

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