'No Man's Sky' Trailer Showcases Gorgeous Unique Worlds

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It feels like it's been a long time since the video game world had its first glimpse of No Man's Sky. The space exploration title from Hello Games was a surprise smash after its reveal at the Spike VGX event last year. The promise of procedurally-generated worlds, and of an entire galaxy to explore, was enough to gain the interest of plenty of gamers wowed by the innovation on show.

No Man's Sky then blasted into the stratosphere, at least in terms of hype, after a fantastic showing at E3 2014. Hello Games revealed a brand new trailer, promising endless possibilities for players. The title ended up walking away with a handful of E3 2014 Game Critics Awards, and was one of our top 10 trailers of E3. Add to that the potential for 5 billion years' worth of space exploration, and it's no wonder that this journey to the center of the galaxy is one of the most anticipated titles of 2015.

Now, Hello Games has released another trailer for No Man's Sky. The trailer was dropped at The Game Awards 2014 in Las Vegas last night, and reveals even more vibrant landscapes in the space exploration game's varied galaxy. It also gives players another glimpse at the procedurally-generated content, with all footage captured in real-time, and even showed off the game's mysterious portals.

No Mans Sky Gorgeous Trailer Header Image

In fact, the trailer details all of No Man's Sky's methods of transportation. Alongside the portals, which transport players "somewhere" according to the game's official website, there is also the potential to walk across the surface of planets, explore under water, fly in and through atmospheres, jet deep into space, and warp in between different systems. The level of gameplay aside from the exploration element remains to be seen - but so far, the PS4 timed exclusive certainly looks the part.

The new trailer is not the only new reveal about No Man's Sky, either. There has also been an announcement about the game's soundtrack. UK electronic rock band 65daysofstatic has revealed it is writing the score for the title, via the 65daysofstatic website. It's not their first foray into the world of space exploration, either. The band created a reworked soundtrack to 1972 science fiction movie Silent Running to critical acclaim, and even performed a section of the No Man's Sky score live at The Game Awards. The game will also have a major presence at the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas today and tomorrow with its own "A Night Under No Man’s Sky" event.

It's still early days  for No Man's Sky, with a long way to go before a real judgement call can be made. However, everything looks very promising so far, from the vibrant, lush visuals to the sheer promise of the premise. With the game's marketing campaign starting now, let's hope that Hello Games can deliver on the high expectations set.

No Man's Sky comes to PS4 in 2015 and later to PC.

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