Markus Persson, otherwise known as ‘Notch’ and the creator of Minecraft itself, is well-known for his tendency to throw his opinions out into the public. While he hasn’t been in charge of Minecraft for over a year now, as the head of Mojang he still has a number of Minecraft-related responsibilities to do. This week, he was approach by Microsoft via email about certifying the game for Windows 8 – and his response was a little more than a simple ‘no’.

According to Notch on Twitter, he told Microsoft that he dislikes Windows 8 so much he’d rather have the game unplayable on the operating system than be officially certified. The bold stance against the operating system came as a surprise to many fans who immediately worried about the future of Minecraft, but everyone should know whether a game is certified or not has no factor on if gamers can play it on the OS. Simply put, Minecraft will be able to run on Windows 8 despite the drama.

Certification means the creator of the program signs off that their program won’t restart the system, play around with multiple logins and in general must meet a certain quality standard. Whether certified or not, Microsoft’s latest operation system will feature block-based builder, despite Notch’s distaste for both company and system.

Afterward, Notch received thousands of tweets and emails from various gamers about the issue, and he told the Internet to ‘take a chill pill’. While he probably should have done the same before complaining about Microsoft over Twitter, at the end of the day one grumpy programmer (even if he’s Notch) isn’t going to stop a game from being supported on such a mainstream OS.

For now, the only part of Minecraft to actually require certification for each update is mobile phone editions of the game, and the Xbox 360 port.

What do you think, Ranters? Is Notch overreacting about certification, or does he have a valid point?

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