Watch Nathan Drake Actor Nolan North Play Uncharted With Troy Baker

nolan north and troy baker

In the world of video games there are few voices as recognizable as Nolan North. With a storied career that includes hundreds of credits, North has played his fair share of memorable characters, but few are as iconic as Nathan Drake. But even though North has seemingly closed the Nathan Drake chapter of his career with Uncharted 4, he hasn’t forgotten how important the Naughty Dog developed series has been for his career. Now, alongside voice actor Troy Baker, Nolan North is looking back.

Those that follow either Baker or North might be familiar with their YouTube series Retro Replay wherein the voice actors play some iconic video games from years past while letting their personalities shine. The series has covered a wide variety of games, from Pitfall to Punch-Out but very few “modern games,” so when North suggested the duo play Uncharted next, and the fact that the video released on April 1st, many took it has a joke.

Whether or not it was initially a joke, the Retro Replay duo of Nolan North and Troy Baker (who actually voice the Drake brothers) have delivered the first episode of their Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune playthrough. It seems that North will actually be the one playing through Uncharted and Baker will be asking him questions about his experience.

Although playthroughs featuring voice actors and developers are not uncommon, it’s rare to see a voice actor of Nolan North’s caliber actually playing through Uncharted and talking about his experience making the game. It also helps that Baker is along for the ride to help guide the conversation and assist North in playing the game.

Whether or not Retro Replay plans to cover the entire Uncharted series, just Uncharted 1, or even just a few episodes is unclear but for fans of the series this should be a real treat. Nolan North is easily one of the most recognizable voices in games today and Nathan Drake in Uncharted is his most well-known role. Bringing the two together is already proving very successful for the channel.

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