While the Zombie mode has become somewhat of a staple in the Treyarch side of the Call of Duty franchise, it doesn’t look like it is making the jump to the Infinity Ward side any time soon. Confirmed by Modern Warfare 3’s creative strategist is the news that zombies is not included in the highly anticipated title.

What will be included with Modern Warfare 3 is Infinity Ward’s answer to the zombie mode called Spec-Ops Survival. Essentially the Zombie mode with two players and realistic enemies, Spec-Ops Survival can still deliver that same atmosphere, but with a Modern Warfare spin.

We have had some hands-on time with the mode at events like Call of Duty XP, and found it to be a worthy successor to the Zombie mode. The ways in which the mode challenges the two-player team in much the same way that zombies does makes for a perfect facet of an already well-rounded experience.

Also confirmed recently via Twitter is the news that Modern Warfare will be supporting LAN play for those who feel so inclined. A longstanding tradition for gamers of the pre-Xbox Live and PSN era, the LAN party is something any gamer looks back and remembers fondly.

Now whether or not the support for LAN will get a lot of use is another issue, but implementing it rather than not is a smart move on Infinity and Sledgehammer’s part. Robert Bowling did reveal that some of the experience that is earned in Modern Warfare 3 would be accessible in offline play too. So break out your super long Ethernet cable and prepare for an overnight frag fest.

Without zombies some might be deterred from picking up Modern Warfare 3, but with Survival occupying a similar space Infinity Ward has done all they can to keep the appeal while still keeping true to their genre. I wouldn’t count it out just yet, but it looks like the Modern Warfare side of Call of Duty just isn’t interested in zombies.

What do you think of Infinity Ward’s decision not to include the Zombie mode in Modern Warfare 3? Are you the type of gamer that thinks LAN support is important in a multiplayer title?

Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Twitter