'No Time To Explain' Announcement Trailer Released

No Time To Explain Announcement Trailer

"I am you from the future and there's NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!"

Okay, maybe the protagonist doesn't have time to explain, but we here at Game Rant pride ourselves on making time to do exactly that and No Time To Explain is definitely something worth explaining.

Originally created by Tom Brien as a short flash game for Arcadebomb, No Time To Explain garnered lots of positive reviews and critical acclaim despite being incredibly short. This prompted Brien to team up with Alex Nichiporchik and work on a full-fledged version of the original concept.

Together they created Tiny Build Games as a portal through which they would be able to keep gamers up to date on the latest news regarding the progress they were having with their project. Their most recent bit of news is the announcement trailer for No Time To Explain which will blow your mind.


The trailer shows an incredibly stark contrast to the basic concept that was the original No Time To Explain. Clearly a lot more work has gone into it, and the complexity seems to have been ramped up, while still keeping the overarching gameplay mechanics relatively simple.

A big focus has been put on upgrading the game's controls. The original game was noted for being very difficult to play, particularly on lower grade machines, and so making sure players didn't have to fight with the game's controls was a big concern for Tiny Build. On top of improved controls, the protagonist now seems to also have an additional bounce move which will help him make some jumps that would be outright impossible with just his trusty beam gun.

Instead of just the field and cave that provided the environments in the flash game, there will be a number of new locations which include a snow-filled area, an industrial area, and even underwater areas. Some areas will even have additional gameplay elements, evident in the clip that shows the player riding his house down a hill, trying to escape some massive boss type character.

The original No Time To Explain being so short, this iteration of the game aims to expand the experience beyond the 3 minutes it took most players to complete its predecessor. One big step in this direction was a redesign of the game which allowed the game to have closer to 40 or 50 levels instead of just 4 or 5.

No Time To Explain Announcement Trailer Revealed

Bosses are another big focus for the title, with some bosses even having multiple forms. This is a big uprgade from the simple boss battle that ended the original game and one that will no doubt make the boss battles far more memorable and involved.

The game will also feature a story which focuses on time travel, the time paradox effect, alternate timelines, what if, and other crazy, weird and hilarious stuff. Allegedly this has all been wrapped up together in a way that actually makes sense. What this means remains to be seen, but it's clear that this game won't be solely about the gameplay.

No Time To Explain will be coming to both PC and Mac sometime in the summer of 2011. Or spring 2028, we're not exactly sure. Its price is expected to be $10.

Source: Tiny Build Games

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