Tiny Build Games is still hard at work on their first project No Time To Explain. The game inspired by the flash game developed by Tiny Build co-founder Tom Brien has been in production since earlier this year and little by little more information has become available.

The original announcement trailer for No Time To Explain revealed a huge leap for the rather short flash-based game as it becomes a much more polished concept. The mechanics are still mostly the same; You control your character by firing a massive beam of energy to control his momentum allowing him to make dangerous and sometimes impossible jumps. You avoid spikes and other hazards on your way through a wide variety of locations that all begin with the same introduction, “I’m you from the future and there’s no time to explain!”

To keep players fiending for the game, especially after being a little silent now that development has entered full swing, a new trailer for No Time To Explain has been released to show off some more new things the game is going to bring to the table.


The trailer shows off a new mechanic in a panel that shoots the player forward diagonally. A recent post on the Tiny Build site discussed that a lot of mechanics are being played around with, so there could be many more that we haven’t seen yet that will make it into the final game.

The project has generated a lot of interest from publishers, with Tiny Build having been contacted by both Sony and Apple. Nothing was said about what an Apple release would entail, especially since the seemingly twitch based gameplay may not mesh entirely well with the iPhone. Contact with Sony reportedly resulted in a negotiation to get the game running on the PSP/NGP. The developers are also looking into a way to port the game to Xbox Live and have been in contact with Valve about the project with the hopes that they can also bring it to Steam, a prospect they seem especially excited about. 5 more negotiations are also in the works, but Tiny Build is still hush about what those could entail.

In order to raise money for the No Time To Explain, Tiny Build set themselves up with Kickstarter, a service designed so that people can donate money to projects they want to see made. The initial drive was hugely successful, hitting their goal of $7,000 by the afternoon of the first day and more than doubling that by the time they made an announcement about its success. Gamers can now pre-order the game by making a $5 donation through Tiny Build’s Kickstarter. Larger donations will alegedly unlock exclusive content.

Which platform would you like to see No Time To Explain released on?

Source: Tiny Build Games