No More Heroes

Here at Game Rant, we love to see games push the envelope and try something different. No More Heroes was one of those games. Not only did it include an extremely over-the-top, hilarious story, but it also brought some much-needed violence to the Wii platform. This garnered it a very loyal fan following. As such, fans rejoiced when it was announced that there would be a sequel called, No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.

Now that we’ve seen the release of the second game in the series, fans have been wondering when we will hear news of a third game in the series. Sadly, this may not be the news everyone has been awaiting. In an interview posted on GoNintendo, Suda51, CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture stated that:

“Unfortunately, the story for Travis alone is completed in No More Heroes 2. I am very curious about his life after this; however, we have no plan for No More Heroes 3.”

While it is quite disappointing that we won’t get a chance to see an official No More Heroes 3, there is still hope for the series to continue. When asked about the possibility of a Nintendo DS game in the No More Heroes universe, Suda51 expressed his interest in the subject, stating that he’d “never thought about that.”

Do you want to see the No More Heroes series continue on without Travis Touchdown? In what form would you like to see it?

Source: GoNintendo