Multiplayer has become a huge selling point in almost every game nowadays, and developers definitely feel the push to create just such modes for almost every blockbuster title they release. There’s little debate that a multiplayer offering of some sort traditionally keeps gamers engaged after the single-player campaign comes to an end, but MachineGames has confirmed that its new title, Wolfenstein: The New Order, will be a strictly single-player experience.

According to GameSpot, MachineGames confirmed this information during recent hands-on session with the forthcoming game. Understandably, the staff at MachineGames are honored to be working on such a classic franchise, and they plan on providing fans with one of the best story-driven first-person shooters to-date. It’s for this very reason that they’ve opted out of drawing resources away from the story mode of Wolfenstein: The New Order to provide users with a mediocre multiplayer option.

During an interview with GameSpot, creative director Jens Matthies informed fans about just how passionate him and his team are about the game’s development.

“It’s such a huge part of video game legacy. If there’s a video game museum, Wolfenstein is in the first room. It’s the start of the wave that shaped the world of gaming. On a personal level, I played this when I was younger and it was mind-blowing. I never then of course dreamed that I was going to be working with it. It’s both an honor and a legacy.”

Some gamers will be disappointed with Wolfenstein: The New Order‘s lack of an online multiplayer mode, but the story will definitely be better off for it. Other first-person titles like BioShock: Infinite abandoned a multiplayer component to focus on the single-player experience, and the end result was nothing short of breathtaking (see our review).

The reveal trailer for the new Wolfenstein has already painted a much stronger, story-driven narrative than any of its past iterations, which is a promising indication that MachineGames will deliver on its claims.

Wolfenstein: The New Order will invade store shelves this Holiday season for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and next-gen consoles.

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Source: GameSpot