Grasshopper Manufacture CEO and No More Heroes creator Suda51 reveals what kind of Super Mario game he would create if given the chance by the powers that be at Nintendo.

One of the surprises at Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch reveal event in January was the revelation that Suda51 would be creating a new game for the Switch starring No More Heroes protagonist Travis Touchdown. Suda51 was given stage time at the event to make this special announcement, so the relationship between Nintendo and the famous Japanese developer seems to be strong. But what if Nintendo trusted Suda51 enough to let him make a Super Mario game?

The chances of Nintendo letting Suda51 work on a Super Mario game are slim to none, but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities. IGN recently posed the question to Suda51 himself in a recent interview, where the No More Heroes creator was asked what a Super Mario game from Grasshopper Manufacture would be like.

After joking that he would “tone down the blood,” Suda51 went on to describe a road-trip style game where Luigi ends up captured by a force even eviler than Bowser. The story of Suda51’s Super Mario game would see Mario join forces with Bowser to go on an adventure to save Luigi. It wouldn’t be the first time Bowser worked together with Mario, but it still sounds like an intriguing concept nevertheless.

Travis Touchdown Game on Switch Will Be Directed by Suda51, Not Coming in 2017 - Travis Strikes Again

Unfortunately for those interested in Suda51’s idea, it doesn’t seem likely that it will ever materialize. In fact, the next Super Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch, looks as though it is sticking strictly to the franchise’s usual story tropes, with Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach and Mario going on an adventure to save her and restore order to the Mushroom Kingdom.

However, it’s possible we could see elements of Super Mario sneak its way into Suda51’s No More Heroes game on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is not opposed to letting its characters appear in M-rated video games in some capacity, as we saw with the Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2, so maybe Travis will team with Bowser or interact with other Nintendo characters in his Nintendo Switch game.

Whether it’s named No More Heroes 3 or something else, the Travis Touchdown game coming to Nintendo Switch could very well be a “road movie” style of game like Suda51’s Super Mario idea or it could be more in line with the previous games in the series. Presumably, the game is still in the earliest stages of development, so fans shouldn’t expect to learn more on it any time soon.

A game starring Travis Touchdown, possibly No More Heroes 3, is in development for Nintendo Switch.